Top Walks in Dartmouth

Top Walks in & Around Dartmouth

Discovering Dartmouth is best done step by step, quite literally. Walking not only allows you to immerse yourself in the area’s charm but also provides a healthy dose of exercise. Dartmouth boasts an array of walks, thanks to its location on the South West Coast Path and within the South Devon National Landscape (previously AONB). Throughout the year, you can embark on short historical strolls, leisurely riverbank walks, or invigorating coastal hikes, each offering their own unique vistas. 

We’ve curated a selection of top walks around Dartmouth to inspire your next adventure:  

Dartmouth Town Trail 

   – Distance: 1.2 Miles 

   – Difficulty: Easy 

This leisurely circular route showcases Dartmouth’s rich history, spanning from the era of pirates and royalty to the legacy of the Pilgrim Fathers. As you tread along this path, dating back to 4000 BC, uncover the town’s intriguing secrets and historical landmarks. 

Dartmouth Town to Dartmouth Castle 

   – Distance: 3.4 miles 

   – Difficulty: Moderate 

A visit to Dartmouth isn’t complete without exploring the iconic Dartmouth Castle, a venerable structure with a legacy spanning for over six centuries. The journey to the castle offers interactive activities, stunning estuary views and family-friendly experiences, making it an ideal outing any time of the year. You can also extend the walk from Dartmouth Castle to Compass Cove if you fancy venturing further..  

Start Point Walk 

   – Distance: 1.2 miles 

   – Difficulty: Easy 

Marvel at the breathtaking coastline vistas from Start Point, Devon’s southernmost tip. A brief and easy 1.2-mile stroll from the Start Point Car Park leads you to the picturesque Start Point Lighthouse, where you can savour views of the sea, observe seabirds and perhaps catch sight of a passing seal. 

Blackpool Sands 

   – Distance: 3.4 Miles 

   – Difficulty: Moderate  

Just a short drive from Dartmouth lies the enchanting Blackpool Sands Beach. This circular route, tracing segments of the South West Coast Path, meanders through captivating coastal scenery and tranquil countryside lanes. Conclude your walk with a well-deserved refreshment at the beachside cafe, soaking in the sea’s serene ambiance. 

Dartmouth to Greenway 

   – Distance: 9 Miles 

   – Difficulty: Hard 

Embark on a full-day adventure along the Dart Valley Trail, traversing the scenic expanse of the River Dart Estuary. This circular route encompasses Dartmouth town and the Greenway Estate, once the holiday retreat of Agatha Christie and now a cherished National Trust property. Keep an eye out for the area’s diverse wildlife, adding to the allure of your journey. 

Diamond Jubilee Way 

   – Distance: 3.75 Miles 

   – Difficulty: Moderate 

Commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, this circular walk, shaped like a diamond, offers a captivating exploration of Dartmouth’s landmarks. Following a clockwise direction, the trail leads you past Dartmouth Castle and Jawbones Hill, treating you to panoramic views of the Britannia Royal Naval College and Start Bay. 

Kingswear to Froward Point 

   – Distance: 5 miles 

   – Difficulty: Moderate 

Cross the river from Dartmouth to the picturesque village of Kingswear and embark on a historical journey. This route unveils incredible views of Dartmouth Castle, the Brownstone Battery, and the iconic Daymark Tower, providing insights into the region’s rich maritime heritage and wartime defences. 

Dartmouth to Dittisham 

   – Distance: 5 Miles 

   – Difficulty: Challenging 

 Walk the scenic River Dart Trail from Dartmouth to the charming village of Dittisham. This challenging yet rewarding route offers sweeping views across the river, making it an ideal adventure for nature enthusiasts. Whether you opt to the catch the ferry to Dittisham from Dartmouth or vice versa, the South West Coast Path promises an unforgettable experience amidst thriving wildlife. 


Of course, these are only a handful on our great walks in and around Dartmouth so be sure to check out our walking page here for even more.  

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