SWCP Dartmouth & Dittisham

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Pier House, The Quay, Dittisham, Dartmouth TQ6 0EZ, UK
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A challenging but breathtaking 5mile (8km) walk following the River Dart Trail along the western bank of the river, with spectacular views over the water and across to Tor Bay. Part of the South West Coast Path and part of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Take the ferry to Dittisham via Greenway and walk to back to Dartmouth over Fire Beacon Hill and along Old Mill Creek. There is some steep ascent and descent and some of the paths may be muddy after rain so good footwear is advisable.

Route Description

Starting in Dartmouth, take the ferry to Dittisham, either directly or via Greenway, disembark on Dittisham Quay. Make your way up Manor Street, climbing steeply through the village to Rectory Lane, on your left towards the top of the hill.

Turn left onto the footpath along the lane and follow the Dart Valley Trail towards Dartmouth. Follow the fingerposts to the right and then the left to travel high around the edge of the fields as it continues to climb to the road at Fire Beacon Hill.

Turn left on the road.Turn left onto the permissive footpath a moment later and follow it through the fields and then downhill, turning left on the lane with the footpath a little way below and then leaving it along the path to the right a few minutes later. The path continues to descend, veering to the right and then left above Rough Hole Point to skirt the top of the small inlet, before heading through the conifers above the waters of Old Mill Creek. Turn left on the lane at the end of the forest and follow it downhill to the creek.

Cross the bridge and carry on up Old Mill Lane, climbing steeply around the double bend and carrying on past the path to Hermitage Castle, taking the footpath to the right at Old Mill Crescent to come out on Archway Drive.

Carry on ahead along Townstal Crescent and onto the head of Old Mill Lane to the main road. Turn left here to walk down College Way, forking left at the bottom of the hill to follow Coombe Road back down to the riverfront and the Higher Ferry. Turning right along North Embankment will lead you to the centre of Dartmouth.


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