Restaurants in Dartmouth

Eating out in Dartmouth will be one of the lasting memories you take away from your stay in Dartmouth.

Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are spoilt for choice.

From award winning dining experiences, to quiet rural restaurants, there are plenty of restaurants in Dartmouth to suit all tastes. Many venues have options for al fresco dining so that beautiful views of the River Dart estuary can be enjoyed.

Local produce at its best

Being on the edge of the River Dart and at the entrance to the sea, the seafood in Dartmouth is the freshest you will ever taste. Mussels, crab, oysters, cod, whichever takes your fancy. You cannot beat traditional seaside fish and chips whilst on holiday, whether its sitting on the embankment with a take away, or the fine dining equivalent, you cannot get fresher than Dartmouth.

And it’s not just seafood. Surrounded by farmland, most restaurants in Dartmouth only use produce, such as vegetables, fruit or meat from the surrounding area. In Devon we pride ourselves on our quality produce, to top off your meal, why not try a delicious local wine, beer or cider.

Dartmouth Hotels

Many Hotels have award winning restaurants in Dartmouth, so if quality food is of high importance to you when choosing where to stay remember to consider this when booking. But you don’t have to be staying there to visit the restaurant of course.

Take a look at the restaurants in Dartmouth below before planning your visit to the region and be sure to include a dining experience in your trip.