Rainy Days in Dartmouth

Dartmouth has so much to see and do that no matter rain or shine there’s no reason to stay inside when the weather isn’t looking at its best and rain showers might be on the horizon.

Even if you didn’t bring your umbrella and rain coat or you’re not put off by a bit of rain, your holiday to Dartmouth doesn’t have to stop if the sun goes into hiding.

In the town and surrounding area you’ll find a wide mix of inside attractions all offering a fun filled, exciting or informative day out all under the cover of a roof. From the towns many art galleries and unique shops to Dartmouth Museums, charting the town’s history, to the Flavel Arts Centre & Cinema with a packed daily schedule. You’ll also find a range of churches, a 600 year old castle which guards the month of the river, tours of the countries only remaining Naval College as well as two National Trust properties.  

Many of these attractions also include outside space and grounds, so if there’s a let up in the rain or the skies are just looking a little cloudy, make sure you take a look around the amazing gardens and enjoy the views of the regions coastline and countryside.

We all know that the Great British weather can be unpredictable and a rainy day can seem like the end to your holiday fun, but a few rain showers shouldn’t put a dampener on your trip. Don’t forget inside attractions aren’t just for when it’s wet, the chance for a roof and some shade can be just as welcomed when the sun is out in all its glory.  

For ideas on great rainy day attractions in Dartmouth and wonderful inside activities take a look at our list of wet weather ideas below.