Dartmouth Town Centre to Dartmouth Castle

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3 N Embankment, Dartmouth TQ6 9PW, UK
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1. Start this walk from Coronation Park which can be found near the Dartmouth Higher Ferry on North Embankment. Facing the river, turn right.
2. At the end of Coronation Park follow the North Embankment past the Boat Float.
3. Keep going as the path becomes the South Embankment and continue to the end, turning right here through Cole’s Court.
4. Turn left down Lower Street and carry on beside the river to Bayard’s Cove Fort.
5. From the old castle climb the steps and turn left onto Southtown. Follow the path which has now since the Lower Ferry become the South West Coast Path. At Warfleet Road take the path to Gallants Bower.
6. From Gallants Bower follow the footpath through the woods until it drops you on Castle Road. Turn left and follow the road to Dartmouth Castle.
7. From the castle carry on along the river, past One Gun Point, to Warfleet Cove.
8. At Warfleet Cove you will meet up with the road leading back into Dartmouth. Retrace your steps from here back to Coronation Park.


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