Discover Dartmouth’s Sustainability Pledge

The Discover Dartmouth promotes the town of Dartmouth.  We are committed to become an ambassador for Sustainability in the area. We want to champion good sustainable tourism practices across the South Devon region and to help support our very own tourism businesses in making changes to reduce climate change.

Discover Dartmouth will pledge to:

• Create a new dedicated area on the website called Sustainability showcasing best practise from our members and partners.

• Undertake a consumer marketing campaign to highlight Sustainability as a key booking factor to help increase short break stays to Dartmouth.

• Help our tourism businesses find local suppliers who can help reduce single use plastic. This will be showcased on the new Business Services area of the Discover Dartmouth website. We will have useful links to sustainable suppliers.

• Continue to highlight the importance of public transport, cycling and walking routes to help promote sustainable travel and to enhance the visitor experience. Look to partner with our local transport providers.

• Work in partnership with our members and local key stakeholders to help raise the profile of Sustainable Tourism and the impact this has on our wonderful environment around Dartmouth and in South Devon.

For additional information:

Discover Dartmouth are proud to partner Sustainable Dartmouth in working towards more sustainable tourism.