Attractions in Dartmouth offer something to keep everyone entertained all year round, come rain or shine.  


Immerse yourself in Dartmouth’s rich culture, heritage and historic architecture. Explore National Trust and English Heritage properties both in the town and its surrounding areas, along with elegant stately homes and gardens waiting to be discovered. You could also take a nostalgic steam train ride along the coast for a memorable family outing that showcases the area’s natural beauty and charm. Dartmouth’s history and heritage come to life through its castle, fort, museum and other historical sites, inviting year-round exploration, no matter the weather.   


Art enthusiasts will find Dartmouth’s cultural scene vibrant and engaging as they wander through galleries showcasing the works of local artists along the town’s cobbled streets. The Flavel Arts Centre is a fantastic venue and cinema, offering a diverse array of live music, theatre shows and film screenings to captivate visitors of all ages. 


Dartmouth and its surroundings aren’t just for adults; there are plenty of family-friendly attractions to delight children and teenagers alike. As well as exploring historic castles and estates, there’s also a number of great animal-based and unique attractions nearby to entertain all members of your party, no matter the age. 


For the grownups, Dartmouth’s surrounding area is home to several vineyards, breweries and distilleries who offer tours and tastings. If you’re venturing to Dartmouth without the kids in tow (or even if they do come along!), why not spend the day sampling the best local beverages at one of these attractions.  


For those seeking adventure, Dartmouth offers a variety of watersports activities along the scenic River Dart. From leisurely river cruises to exhilarating kayaking and paddleboarding excursions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the water.  


We’re incredibly lucky in Dartmouth to be situated not only on the coast, but also surrounded by beautiful green rolling hills. As we’re situated in the South Devon National Landscape (previously AONB), the town boasts several great coastal and countryside trails that allow you to spot a variety of wildlife, from seals basking in the water to highland cattle that graze on the land.  

One prominent spot close to Dartmouth for wildlife watching is Slapton Ley Nature Reserve, the largest fresh water lake in the South West that’s separated from the sea by a shingle beach. For avid bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, consider adding a visit to this nature reserve to your itinerary.