Dartmouth Beaches

Discover the finest beaches in the UK right here in Dartmouth and its surrounding areas. Nestled amidst stunning coastal landscapes, these beaches offer diverse experiences such as building sandcastles, splashing around in the sea and tranquil coastal strolls. 

Whether you seek family-friendly fun, where little ones can explore rock pools, a serene cove to bask in the soothing sounds of the waves or a stretch of coastline perfect for dog walks, Dartmouth beaches cater to all preferences. 

Explore the small beaches within Dartmouth town itself – Castle Cove and Sugary Cove, each boasting breathtaking vistas of the estuary and Dartmouth Castle. While small in size, they offer plenty of seclusion, stunning views of the estuary and provide a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. 

Just a short drive from Dartmouth, Blackpool Sands is a Blue Flag-awarded crescent-shaped beach renowned for its golden sands and clear blue waters. Surrounded by pine trees, it offers amenities like a beachside café, watersports equipment hire and saunas. 

Slightly further down the road, Slapton Sands is a three-mile-long shingle beach that forms part of Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve. It’s an ideal spot for scenic walks, birdwatching and wildlife spotting. The beach is also steeped in history, with memorials commemorating the Exercise Tiger disaster during World War II. 

Dog-friendly beaches 

For those with furry companions, numerous dog-friendly beaches are available near Dartmouth. However, please note that some beaches enforce dog bans during peak seasons, typically between April – October. Find out more about the dog-friendly beaches here   

Water safety 

When venturing into the waters of the sea and estuary, prioritising safety is essential. The RNLI stands as a beacon of safety, offering invaluable support to seafarers and mariners. Their dedicated team provides invaluable rescue services, water safety guidance and educational resources. Whether cruising, paddling or swimming, adhering to safety guidelines, wearing appropriate life jackets and monitoring weather conditions ensure a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience. Learn more about water safety on the RNLI website.