Harberton and Harbertonford

Key Information

Harbertonford, Totnes, UK


Harberton is located just 3 miles from Totnes and is a village and parish within the South Hams. The parish also includes the village of Harbertonford and they have been linked since the 16th century. These rural settlements are surrounded by sublime South Devon countryside which is just waiting to be explored.


St Andrew’s Church in Harberton is a stunning structure that dates back to the 14th and 15th centuriess. Inside you’ll find intricate carvings and colourful stained glass windows to admire. The village is also home to a bustling a pub and a couple of charming B&Bs.


Harbertonford is nestled in the valley of the Harbourne river which is a tributary to the River Dart. St Peter’s Church in Harbertonford was built in 1859 and hosts an annual summer fair. Within the village you’ll also find a B&B as well as a local post office.


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