Churches in Dartmouth & the Surrounding Area

Please note: Due to current restrictions, visits to church interiors may not be currently possible. Please check the Government website for up to date guidelines. 

There are plenty of churches in Dartmouth and the surrounding villages for you to visit during your time in the area; whether you’re interested in history, religion or simply beautiful architecture, the churches in Dartmouth will not leave you disappointed. From grand and majestic buildings to more unassuming places of worship, the range of churches around Dartmouth and the wider area offer something for everyone. Have a read below about some of the churches for you to discover whilst staying in the stunning waterside resort. We recommended checking on the church website in advance to confirm opening times for visitors.

St Clement’s Church, Dartmouth

Overlooking the lower town, St Clement’s Church stands proudly in the Townstal area and is a Grade I listed building. Its attractive structure dates in part to the 13th century with Norman traces and is definitely worth a visit if you’re exploring the town.

St Petrox Church, Dartmouth

Resting at the mouth of the River Dart, next to Dartmouth Castle, St Petrox Church is one of the oldest of Dartmouth’s churches, the earliest record being in 1192. Its striking surroundings offer the perfect backdrop for exploring and nowadays it is often used for weddings.

Flavel Church, Dartmouth

Right in the heart of Dartmouth, Flavel Church is a Methodist/United Reformed Church which stands beside Dartmouth’s arts and entertainment centre, The Flavel.

St Saviour’s Church, Dartmouth

Situated in the lower town, St Saviour’s Church was built during the middle ages when Dartmouth had begun developing closer to the riverfront and parishioners no longer wanted to endure the long walk up to the top of town to St Clement’s Church.

Dartmouth Baptist Church, Dartmouth

Dartmouth Baptist Church is a modern community in the Townstal estate based in a building built in 1954. During 2007, the Church underwent major refurbishment to make it wheelchair accessible and holds weekly activities for residents in the area to get involved in.

The Catholic Church of St John the Baptist, Dartmouth

The Catholic Church of St John the Baptist lies on Newcomen Road. A Grade II listed building; it is a Roman Catholic church that was built in the late 1800s out of local limestone and Bath stone dressings.

Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Kingswear

Looking out over the River Dart on the opposite side to Dartmouth in Kingswear is the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury. A church is believed to have been present on the current site since roughly 1170. During 1847 the church was demolished and rebuilt leaving only the 12th century tower from its former days.

St George’s Church, Dittisham

Upstream from Dartmouth in the pretty town of Dittisham is St George’s Church. It is believed that there has been a church in the village since Saxon times, though there is no trace of that now. The Norman building was reconstructed in the early 1300s and throughout the years has been restored leaving little of what was once there.

St Peter’s Church, Stoke Fleming

St Peter’s Church is in a village just along the coast from Dartmouth called Stoke Fleming. It is a Grade II listed building which dates back to the 13th century and was restored in 1871. The tower stands at 83 feet high and was used as a sea mark to help sailors find their way to the port of Dartmouth.

St Michael’s, Blackawton

Just a short car ride away from Dartmouth in the countryside village of Blackawton is St Michael’s, a Grade I listed church believed to have been built between the 14th and 16th century which underwent restoration in the 19th century.

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