Dartmouth Sunsets

Best Places To Watch The Sunset In And Around Dartmouth

Is there any better feeling than watching the sun slowly descend and the light mellow after a long day?   

We may be biased, but we believe that Dartmouth boasts some of the best sunsets in the country! Watching the sky transform into a sea of pink, yellow and orange behind the town’s beautiful buildings and street lamps sparkling reflection in the river is a truly mesmerising sight to be seen.  

If you’re visiting Dartmouth and would like to find a place to watch the sunset read on to find out our top spots.  


Jawbone Hill, Dartmouth 

Providing perhaps one of the best viewpoints of Dartmouth and the surrounding area, Jawbone Hill is a much-loved sunset watching spot.  

 This high, grassy spot is the perfect place to perch yourself with an evening picnic or a portion of freshly made fish and chips, offering panoramic views of Dartmouth, Kingswear and the River Dart  

Watch the flurry of boats sail past, and the sun slowly descending behind the hills in a truly majestic way. The view here is quite romantic, especially in the evening so it makes the ideal spot for a date night too.  


Bayards Cove, Dartmouth 

Perched on the water’s edge, Bayards Cove Fort is a 16th century fort which was once the last line of defence against enemy ships who evaded the Dartmouth and Kingswear Castle defences.   

In the early-mid 1500s this site contained heavy guns to protect the town but today it provides an excellent place to stop and catch the sunset. The fort was built with a number of arches, one of which has been turned into the fort entrance; these make a wonderful frame for a photo of the town, River Dart & Kingswear 

 The path leading up to the entrance of the fort has a couple of picturesquely placed benches to park yourself as you enjoy watching the day turn to night.  


The Daymark, Kingswear 

Standing proudly at the top of a hill in Kingswear is The Daymark, an 80ft octagonal tower, originally built as navigational landmark for travellers at sea to help direct them to Dartmouth harbour.   

The tower sits in an attractive field overlooking the sea and the rolling hills of South Devon coastline. The Daymark can be reached from a couple of different paths. First, you’ll need to get to Kingswear from Dartmouth which can be done via the ferry across the River Dart. If you arrive in Kingswear with a car you can head to the Brownstone car park from which it’s a short walk to The Daymark, or for a slightly more challenging walk take the South West Coast Path via Castle Road from Kingswear.  

 If you’re interested in seeing our favourite photos of The Daymark click here.  


Dittisham Harbour side, Dittisham 

Arguably one of the prettiest villages along the River Dart, Dittisham is a wonderful place to take in the sunset. Head to the water’s edge near The Ham playing fields and you’ll find a couple of picnic benches, or you can walk further down towards the Sailing Club.   

Here you can bask in the evening atmosphere with a BBQ or even a takeaway pizza from the local pub whilst watching the sky turn into a pastel-coloured delight. Alternatively, you can get a higher up viewpoint from The Level near the public footpath. 


Gallants Bower and Little Dartmouth, Dartmouth 

Gallants Bower is best known for its stunning blanket of bluebells and other wildflowers in the spring time but it’s also a wonderful sunset spot.  

 From Dartmouth you can walk through the peaceful woodland up to the earthworks of this old Civil War fort, which was used as such due to its wonderful views inland, along the coast and out to sea.  

This fort was constructed in the 1640s to defend Dartmouth from attack by Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentary army but today it’s a beautiful walking spot owned by the National Trust. 


Start Point Lighthouse, Start Point 

Start Point is a short drive from Dartmouth but it has one of the best views in the South West, or dare we say country!  

Being one of the most exposed peninsulas on the English Coast, it has beautiful 360 degrees, panoramic vistas of the Start Bay coastline and out to sea.  

Arguably the sunrise here is more mesmerising as you’re able to witness the sun ascend from the sea, but sunset is also beautiful from this location.  

The Lighthouse here was built in 1836 and was utilised to warn sailors of the hazardous waters surrounding the cliff but these days it’s one of the only working lighthouses open to the public.  


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