Woofstock Top Dog meets BRNC Top Dog

Harry top dog of Woofstock UK recently attended the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and interviewed Captain Woodard who is in charge of the College and is opening this year’s Woofstock UK. Well, I also got to meet and interview the top dog of the college, Pumpkin.

Hi Pumpkin and thank you for being so patient while I interviewed the Captain. I know you are the impawtant one!

Do you have a boyfriend?

“No. I went off boys a while ago. One made me get fat and have puppies. Ouch.”

I know you are the top dog being the Captain’s dog so do you get any special privileges?

“Yes but I don’t want to bark about them too loudly. I can pretty much do and get away with anything here.”

Have you ever waited until the Captain has put on his best uniform and then rubbed up against him?

“That’s my favourite trick. I also love doing it with his really important guests too because some of them really hate it!”

Have you ever stood on the Captain’s incredibly super shined up shoes?

“Yes but it makes him cross and then poor Carol has to polish them again. I really try and avoid doing that.”

You have a brofur called Peter who is a cat. How do you get on with him?

“He’s not my brofur – he was brought into the family without any consultation. He’s incredibly annoying and a real show-off. And he smells. other than that we’re pretty good mates.”

Why are you called Pumpkin?

“Because my human girl sisters and human Mum thought it was a fun name and would annoy my human dad (which it did). He wanted me to be a black boy too. He doesn’t know how lucky he is!”

Have you ever been in a helicopter?

“Yes but I didn’t really like it – too noisy. My favourite form of transport was a chairlift in the Pyrenees. Much more relaxing.”

Do you get to sleep on the big human bed?

No, I’m really well trained. I’ve got my own comfy bed. Theirs is too high up anyway.”

Do you call your human ‘Captain’ or ‘Daddy’?

“I call him ‘Captain’ when anyone else is around but ‘Dad’ when it’s just us.”

Do you go on parade to keep the humans in check?

“No I leave that to Peter. He’s better in crowds than I am.”

Does the Captain ever feed you under the table in his office?

“Never sadly. But fortunately everyone else in the house does because I’m not sure hey know I’m not allowed scraps outside meal times.”

Who is the most famous person you have been stroked by?

“Princess Anne most recently.”

Do you ever get to wear the Captains hat sometimes?

“Yes but it’s way too small so I prefer mine.”

Do you get to meet and greet or wag at and lick people who come to the Captains House?

“Once they are brave enough to get past my very fierce barking yes. I do like to pretend I’m very fierce. But when they come in I love a good lick and then roll onto my back for a tummy tickle. Bliss.”

Well Pumpkin it has been a real pleasure meeting with you today. Keep up the good work. *whispers* you are gawgus too.

Watch out for Captain Woodard and Pumkpin at this years Woofstock UK.

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