Tips and Ideas for a Wedding in Dartmouth

Tips and Ideas for a Wedding Weekend in Dartmouth

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Cornwall is undoubtedly packed with world-famous wedding destinations. But Devon, with its stunning rugged coastline, breathtaking cliffs, and bewitching Georgian houses, is the real hidden gem gifting couples with spectacular backdrops for their wedding. And, Dartmouth is truly the jewel in the crown. 

But planning a weekend-long wedding is never easy. And, to make it a success, there is more than one factor that has to come into play. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your mini-weddingmoon in Devon. 

Get Started With a Welcome Party!

One of the greatest benefits of planning a weekend over multiple days is that you can create a truly immersive experience for your guests. But setting the right mood truly comes down to the first few hours of your mini weddingmoon!

That’s why you should really put some thought into how you wish to start your multi-day event. Ideally, you should plan a welcome party later in the day, which gives your guests enough time to decompress after travelling, relax, and get in the right mindset. 

But, if you wish to make their arrival at your wedding location a little more magical without adding stress, you could consider distributing welcome gifts, itinerary brochures, and a guide to the Dartmouth area to set the right expectations. 

Keep In Mind Your Guests’ Comfort and Keep the Dress Code Casual

Whether you are planning an informal beach wedding or a luxury ceremony in one of Devon’s castles or Grade II listed Manor Houses, it is important to keep in mind your guests’ comfort. 

After all, they might have packed small suitcases with multiple outfits and changes of attires to be at ease throughout the weekend’s schedule. Make it easier for them by allowing for a casual dress code for the whole wedding. 

  • Pro tip – consider creating a theme or recommended palette for your guests. This won’t just enhance the wedding’s aesthetics, but, when gathering your wedding’s photos, it will also add a unique touch to a perfect wedding photo book! 

Use Your Wedding Photos to Relive The Highlights of Your Special Day in Dartmouth

If Dartmouth is one of the best locations in the UK for weddings it is thanks to the breathtaking scenery it offers – which makes for the perfect background to your wedding photos!

And, once you have the wedding photos you have always dreamed of, it would be a shame to hide such perfect photographs away in a drawer.

Instead, by using your wedding shots wisely after your special day, you can relive the emotions and highlights of your ceremony every day. For example, if you create photo calendar for your office desk, your favourite memories will be just a glance away during your day at work. 

Alternatively, a photo collage can make for the perfect art piece to decorate your new bedroom or living room. Whatever your preferences are, custom photo calendars, collages, cards, and home decor can help you bring your favourite memories out of a dusty album.

Plan a Timeline, But Leave Some Room for Spontaneity

According to Vogue, weekend-long weddings are one of the main industry trends of 2022 – and for more than one reason!

During a multi-day event, you can enjoy more time surrounded by your loved ones and pack every day with exciting, romantic, and fun activities to share with your family and friends. 

But while a well-planned itinerary is a key to a successful wedding, you should make sure that your guests have enough downtime to relax, explore Dartmouth’s surroundings, and make the most of each activity. 

Plan For Your Guests’ Accommodation, Meals, and Travel in Advance

A domestic destination wedding is a great option to keep costs low, and you might even find that the level of planning involved will naturally reduce your wedding list. 

However, there are some pros and cons of weekend-long weddings to keep in mind. And, one of the main drawbacks of multi-day events is that you’ll have to organise accommodation and transportation for guests visiting from around the UK, as well as multiple meals and activities. 

Prioritise this important aspect before others to enjoy a less stressful wedding planning experience.

You’ll Have Plenty of Location Choices – Create an Itinerary! 

Devon’s coastline is known for its spectacular natural beauty and breathtaking scenery, and Dartmouth’s surroundings are just as enhancing. 

If you have decided to say your “I dos” here, you’ll have the chance to get married at one of the most beautiful beaches in and around Dartmouth, host your ceremony at the Georgian House that used to be Agatha Christie’s holiday home, and make the most of the charming pubs and restaurants in the area in between the main events you have planned. 

With so much to see and do, it is important to create a well-planned itinerary for your and your guests to make the most of your time in Devon. 

Partner With a Local Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be stressful – but organising multiple events over a whole weekend might be nearly impossible without the help of a specialised wedding planner! 

Make sure to choose a local expert who can help you discover the best hidden gems in the area and make your dream wedding come true!


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