Second Hand Shopping in Dartmouth

Second Hand Shopping in Dartmouth 

While Dartmouth is known for its stunning landscapes and historic landmarks, it also holds a hidden gem for those who love to hunt for unique and sustainable finds. The town is home to a thriving second-hand shopping scene, from vintage boutiques to charity shops, Dartmouth offers an eclectic array of options for the discerning shopper seeking pre-loved treasures.  

Why shopping second hand is great 

One of the most compelling reasons to embrace second-hand shopping is its positive impact on the environment. By choosing to buy preloved items, you can actively reduce the demand for new products, which in turn minimizes the consumption of resources and energy required for production. Second-hand shopping is an empowering way to participate in sustainable living, promoting a circular economy where items are used and reused, reducing waste and lowering one’s carbon footprint.  

One reason we love to thrift is that you can uncover hidden gems or find unique items. Part of the allure of second-hand shopping is the thrill of uncovering unexpected treasures. From rare vintage vinyl records to uniquely patterned teacups, Dartmouth’s second-hand stores are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. The experience of stumbling upon something truly one-of-a-kind fosters a sense of satisfaction that’s unmatched by traditional retail therapy.  

Finding something unique encourages you to embrace your own style.  As you sift through the racks and shelves, you have the opportunity to curate a wardrobe or living space that reflects your unique taste. They also give you a great opportunity to connect with the local community.  

Charity Shops in Dartmouth 

Shopping in charity shops is not only a budget-friendly way to find unique items, but it also supports vital causes and contributes to sustainable, community-focused initiatives. And, luckily for us, Dartmouth has many! You can visit the Devon Air Ambulance shop on Smith Street and on Lower Street just a short walk away, is Rowcroft Boutique – which specialised in more designer fashion and high-end homeware. There’s also Cancer Research on Dukes Street and Country Hill Animal Shelter a couple of metres away on Victoria Road.  


Pre-loved clothing in Dartmouth 

As you explore the charming streets of this coastal town, you’ll discover a plethora of boutiques and shops brimming with carefully curated second-hand garments. 

Twisted Sisters, Palladium Arcade 

Situated in the Palladium Arcade, just off Dukes Street, Twisted Sisters is a second hand clothing store filled to the brim with unique and funky fashion and mystical jewellery.   

Foxx Exchange, Market Square 

If you’re after loud, proud and stylish womenswear head to Foxx Exchange in Dartmouth’s Old Market; you certainly won’t miss it as it’s usually beautifully decorated in a fabulous array of colours! The Foxx Exchange sell a fantastic collection of designer and vintage fashionwear and accessories for women.  

Fashion Alchemy Boutique, Anzac Street 

Fashion Alchemy Boutique not only have a store on the high street in Chelsea, but they also have a fantastic little shop in Dartmouth. They offer range of classy, timeless and individual pieces from major Designer Brands from around the fashion world. They specialise in womenswear and have a wonderful range of dresses, coats, bags, shoes and plenty more! 


Homeware and Antiques 

If you’re looking for a statement piece to brighten up your home, heading to an antique shop is a great way to add a splash of uniqueness.  

Junk and Disorderly, Mayor’s Avenue 

Junk and Disorderly are a house clearance company who have a shop on Mayor’s Avenue in the heart of the town. Here they sell an eclectic range of homeware and antique items. Whether you’re looking for a classic dressing table, nautical decorative items, vintage shop signs or one-of-a-kind pieces of art, you’ll find a gold mine of goods here.  

Lalique and Collectables, Lower Street 

Located on Lower Street, opposite the famous Café Alf Resco, Lalique and Collectables specialise in selling only the very best art deco Lalique crystal and Lalique miniature perfume bottles.   

Books and Music 

Dartmouth is a haven for literature and music enthusiasts. Wander along its charming lanes, and you’ll stumble upon a delightful array of book and record shops to whisk you away to new worlds and forgotten melodies.  Dartmouth’s second-hand book and record shops are not just spaces for transactions – they are gateways to nostalgia, knowledge, and the simple joys of discovering the past in the present day. 

Compass Books, Lower Street 

Compass Books has been a staple of Dartmouth’s high streets for over twenty years. Not only do they have a trove of fantastic second-hand books to peruse, but they also bring new life to old and damaged books by creative unique pieces of art.   

Torre Records, Market Square 

Situated in a small unit in Market Square, Torre Records boast a large and varied section of vinyl and CDs – it’s a complete record-lovers dream! From vintage limited-edition pressings to pre-loved newer releases, you’ll certainly find a wax or two to suit your music taste.  


Dartmouth’s second-hand shopping scene offers more than just a chance to find unique items; it presents an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment, embrace personal style, and connect with the local community. So, whether you’re a vintage aficionado, a sustainability advocate, or simply someone who enjoys the thrill of discovery, Dartmouth’s second-hand shops invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and treasure hunting in one of the UK’s most picturesque towns. 


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