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Lovely Locations Around Dartmouth for Plein Air Painting

*Guest Blog Post – Jessica Perkins

Plein air painting refers to painting and drawing in the open air among landscapes. The name comes from the French “en plein air”, which means “in the open”.

 While painting and drawing landscapes in the open air goes back centuries, it only became an actual practice during the Impressionist movement of the nineteenth century. 

From thereon, plein air painting became hugely popular among both amateur and professional artists. Its popularity was helped by the fact that paint tubes and box easels became available during that time, making it easier for artists to paint and draw outside.

You can do plein air painting anywhere but beautiful landscapes, such as those around Dartmouth, are probably preferable.

So, amateur and professional artists are sure to find places that they would love to visit to perform plein air painting amongst the following list of scenic and historic locations around Dartmouth.

Bayard’s Cove

Dartmouth’s picturesque Bayard’s Cove is an ideal location for artists to paint. You’ll particularly enjoy catching the light of the sunrise, while boats bob on the water and seagulls swoop through the sky.

Not only is Bayard’s Cove a beautiful landscape. It also features the historic Bayard’s Cove Fort. The sixteenth-century fort once protected Dartmouth against the arrival of enemy ships.

Whether you draw the cove or paint the scene using watercolours, acrylics or oils, you’re sure to end up with a work of art to be proud of.

You could even create a picture that’s good enough to sell online on a site like Singulart.

And if you don’t feel your painting is good enough to sell or hang on your wall, keep practising! After all, practice makes perfect. In the meantime, you always have the option to buy Singulart’s oil paintings or other artworks to hang on your walls at home.

Dartmouth Castle

Since the fourteenth century, Dartmouth Castle has guarded the entrance to the Dart Estuary and the port of Dartmouth.

There are various locations nearby where you can capture stunning views of the castle. 

With its ancient history, cannons, gun tower, and robust defences, it makes an incredibly interesting historical site to paint in your chosen medium.

By finding the right spot, you could also capture views of the estuary and the town.

The Daymark 

Another option is to head to the area around the eighty-foot-tall Daymark tower, which was built in 1864. The tower’s original purpose was to act as a landmark for sailors, to help them reach Dartmouth safely. 

Not only can you find an idyllic spot to paint the Daymark. You can also paint the surrounding beautiful countryside or coastal views. For the latter, set up your easel on the Kingswear side of the River Dart. 

Also, around the Daymark, you may like to head to Brownstone Battery or Froward Point, both of which offer stunning views out to sea.

Little Dartmouth 

Seeing as spring is on the way, you will soon find an array of beautiful and colourful wildflowers along the cliff paths of Little Dartmouth, making an ideal location for plein air painting. 

But you can visit the area of Little Dartmouth any time of the year to capture incredible views of the estuary and inland. 

Jawbone Hill

Every local will tell you that Jawbone Hill is one of the best viewpoints in the area.

From the top of the hill, there are magnificent views overlooking the River Dart, the cove and Kingswear in the distance.

So, you can take your pick from several beautiful views to draw or paint. And you’ll probably want to return to capture the other views.



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