Looking After Dartmouth

Looking After Dartmouth & the Surrounding Area

The banks of the River Dart and Dartmouth are lucky enough to be situated within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which means that the town and natural environments are protected and of great importance. Regardless of this however, here at Discover Dartmouth we think it’s extra important to take care of the planet and your local environment wherever that may be.

Whilst we’re at home many of us recycle, take note of our single use plastic consumption and try to reduce our impact on the area we live in, but sometimes, whilst we’re on holiday, we forget to do the same. Read on to find out a few hints and tips on how you can look Dartmouth whilst you’re here or wherever you’re taking a trip.

Travel sustainably!

The UK has many amazing holiday destinations, (Dartmouth of course being one of the best!) so it’s no surprise that domestic tourism and staycations are on the up. Visiting places in England as opposed to travelling abroad means that you’re not doing as much damage as you would by taking a plane somewhere, however, there’s still more that you can do to ensure you reduce your carbon footprint.

Why not catch a train to Dartmouth instead of driving? The city of Exeter is not too far and can be easily reached by rail from all over the UK. From here you can hop on a train to one of the nearby towns such as Totnes or Paignton and jump on a bus or ferry from Totnes to Dartmouth or catch the bus or steam train from Paignton to Kingswear. From Kingswear it’s just a short ferry ride across the river to beautiful Dartmouth and we can assure you that whatever route you take, the views are stunning and dropping the car means you’ll have more of a chance to enjoy them.

If you do need to bring your car along, or even if you haven’t, exploring Dartmouth once you’re here is easy! Most sights and attractions within Dartmouth are easily reached by foot but if you’d like to explore further afield there are plenty of options too. You can hop on a ferry or boat and reach nearby towns and villages on the water, catch a bus, or ride the steam train, it’s river location may seem impractical at first but it’s definitely one of Dartmouth’s greatest assets and makes travelling around the area surrounding the town all that more enjoyable.

Buy local!

From food and drink to souvenirs and gifts, buying your holiday items locally will make a huge impact on the environment and local economy.

Dartmouth and South Devon as a whole are home to a fantastic array of food and drink producers, from wines and ales, to cheese and ice cream and many of the local cafés, pubs, shops and restaurants are proud to serve up local refreshments and foods. We’re also known for our top seafood, so be sure to look out for local crab and freshly caught fish off the South West coast when you’re perusing the menu.

If you’re looking to pick up some souvenirs for family and loved ones, we always recommend checking out Dartmouth’s galleries and gift shops, not only are you more likely to find something unique, but you’ll help give back to the local economy. Try to think about what people are likely to use and love, as opposed to the usual knick knacks that often get forgotten about or thrown away and end up in landfill. How about a Dartmouth tote bag that can be used over and over again? Or a Dartmouth mug that can remind you of your special holiday every time you have your coffee in the morning? Whatever it may be, being more conscious of your shopping habits will make a difference.

Reduce, reuse & recycle!

An easy way to help look after Dartmouth during your holiday is by being aware of the items and packaging that you use and discard whilst you’re here.

For example, if you’re staying self catering, why not bring some tea bags and essentials with you, just in case they’re not provided, meaning you won’t have to buy more and waste what you don’t use, plus the containers will be ideal for taking out pack lunches or packaging leftovers for the next day. Also make sure to bring a reusable bag and water bottle, there are cafés and restaurants where you can refill your bottle and bringing bags means you won’t end up with a bunch of plastic ones when you leave.

If you’re accommodation is a hotel or B&B, you can hang your towels up so that they’re not changed or use your do not disturb sign if you’re happy for your room not to be cleaned; both saving on water and cleaning products. All the little things make a difference.

Join in with a beach clean, litter pick or feel good event!

With the beautiful coastline that surrounds Dartmouth, it’s important for us locals and visitors to do our best to maintain this wonderful natural environment.

We’re sure that the majority of us are very aware to take our rubbish with us after visiting the countryside or coast, but if you’d like to do a little something extra, why not join in with a local beach clean or litter pick. The South Devon AONB often run events so if you’re interested be sure to look at their website here. And if one isn’t taking place during your stay, you could always do your own anyway – if everybody takes away one or two extra pieces of litter, it helps to ensure that our stunning surrounds remain as beautiful as they are today for years to come.

Throughout the year, Dartmouth and the nearby towns and villages play host to a number of amazing events with many supporting and fundraising for local charities. It’s great to go along to these, not only for your enjoyment, but for the benefit of local people and the communities in the area.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas on how you can help us look after Dartmouth whilst you’re here or wherever it is that you take your next holiday.

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