Days Out With Your Dog and Kids in Dartmouth

Fun Days Out With Your Dog and Kids in Dartmouth

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Having your dog as a beloved family member naturally leads to the desire for them to partake in your holiday experiences. South Devon, with its extensive beachfront, vast rural landscapes, and numerous dog-friendly spots, is an excellent destination for canine companions. Here’s a list of the top 4 locations in South Devon where your family and your four-legged friend can enjoy an unforgettable day out:

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy on a Dartmouth Holiday

Before taking your dog on a day out in Dartmouth, there are some essential things to remember for their wellbeing. Firstly, ensure they have suitable identification tags with updated contact information. This will help you locate your pet quickly if they wander off or get lost.

Secondly, ensure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations and has been recently checked by a veterinarian. It’s also wise to pack any necessary medications or honest paws probiotics supplements that your dog may require, especially if they have any health concerns.

Additionally, bring plenty of water, snacks for your dog throughout the day. Just like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated and energized during long days out in the sun. 

1. Unwind at Blackpool Sands

Contrary to what its name implies, Blackpool Sands is neither located in the renowned seaside town of Blackpool in the north west nor sandy.

Despite this, it remains a favorite amongst South Devon’s collection of beaches and has earned a spot amongst Britain’s top-rated beaches. It’s also regarded as one of Dartmouth’s most enjoyable free activities, regardless of the season.

During the summer, you’ll find the beach teeming with vacationers basking on the pebbles, renting water sports gear, or dipping their toes in the clear river water. The beach also boasts of an excellent café, restrooms, and shower facilities.

From November to March, dogs are permitted on the beach. Parking options include a year-round sloping concrete car park or a larger grass car park available during the peak holiday season.

Parking fees are applicable starting from late spring and continue throughout the summer, with rates varying throughout the day.

2. Participate in Games at Coronation Park.

Coronation Park in Dartmouth is a great destination for additional free activities. It’s an ideal place for young kids to unleash their energy on the beach and play in the boat-themed playground.

For older kids, there’s plenty of space for a casual football match or a game of rounders in the neighboring field.

Beth’s cafe, situated on the park’s corner, operates from 7am until late afternoon in the summer, offering breakfast and light meals. For those needing a quick energy boost, we suggest a takeaway coffee and a tasty Salcombe ice cream or a Dart Farm ice lolly for your children.

3. Check Out Babbacombe Model Village

Discover a miniaturized version of the world at Babbacombe Model Village. Spread across 4.5 acres, you’ll find detailed models showcasing the evolution of British life over the last sixty years. The exhibits feature scenes that will make you nostalgic, a miniature railway, and iconic locations from popular films and television shows.

Additional attractions include a fun-filled children’s trail, immersive 4D cinema, and various special events held throughout the year. During certain evenings, the entire village sparkles under illuminating lights. While dogs are welcome to explore most of the village on a leash, they are not permitted in the 4D Cinema and tea room.

4. Dartmouth Castle

Positioned in a highly desirable location, this fortification that’s been standing for six centuries overlooks the Dart Estuary’s entrance. The defensive structures began to form in 1388 as a safeguard for Dartmouth against maritime invasions. Its most recent use was during World War II.

From the topmost part of the fortress, one can view the expansive Dartmouth, including the Britannia Royal Naval College and the vibrant Kingswear. Dogs are allowed in all parts of the Castle, provided they are on a leash. They will particularly enjoy the quick run down to the nearby Sugary Cove for a refreshing sea bath.


Dartmouth is famously a fantastic place to bring your family along with your dog, whether it be for a day trip or a holiday – with extensive sandy beaches and a vast rural countryside, it’s understandable why so many people prefer to vacation with their dog in Dartmouth.


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