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Dartmouth’s New Chilli Ice Cream

Guest blog by Karen Perrow, manager of the Dartmouth Visitor Centre

A Dartmouth student has won a logo design competition and scooped the first serving of a brand new chilli ice cream.

Dartmouth Ice Cream launched two hot new flavours just in time for summer, cleverly combining hot and cold with the launch of their first South Devon Chilli Farm Ice Cream and Sorbet.

A true taste bud sensation, the two new flavours have been developed by the expert team at Dartmouth Ice Cream with the support of South Devon Chilli Farm.

To celebrate the new flavours, Dartmouth Ice Cream worked in partnership with Dartmouth Academy by running a logo design competition among students in years 7 – 9.

After a large number of excellent entries, Year 7 student Louella Hughes eye-catching design was chosen to feature alongside the new flavours.

Louella was presented with her hamper of sweet treats prize at the official launch on Saturday, May 13, at Dartmouth Music Festival.

She was also invited to scoop and serve the first official chilli ice cream and came dressed for the occasion with an ice cream T-shirt.

Initially planned to launch as just one new chilli flavour, a series of taste tests and recipe development led to two clear stand out favourites –

•        Chilli Chocolate Ice Cream…The indulgent heady blend is made using South Devon Chilli Farms Original Chilli Chocolate, which is a mix of 60% cocoa chocolate and locally grown chillies. Although a first in Dartmouth Ice Creams’ counter; pairing chocolate and chillies has long been a popular tradition in South America and Mexico since the Mayans and Aztecs and it looks set to become a popular choice for locals and visitors alike.

•        Elderflower & Chilli SorbetElderflower has been given an ice-cold makeover, resulting in an exquisite dairy-free sorbet with a lusciously creamy texture. The wonderful floral flavour balances out perfectly with the heat of the South Devon Chilli Farm chilli for a cooling summer refresher.

Co-owner of Dartmouth Ice Cream Judith Ewings said: “With a recipe book of over 50 ice creams and sorbets, this summer we wanted to create something completely new which we hadn’t tried before. As huge fans of South Devon Chilli Farm – and as we can’t always rely on a summer of warm weather – we felt that the idea of a hot ice cream was the perfect choice! Striking just the right balance between hot and cold, we are really excited to hear what visitors and locals alike think of our two delicious new flavours.”

Come rain or shine this summer, the two new flavours look set to certainly add some heat! For further information on Dartmouth Ice Cream products or services, to find your nearest outlet or to get in touch with the team, please visit

Dartmouth Ice Cream South Devon Chilli Chocolate Ice Cream & Elderflower Chilli Sorbet, Both from £2.50 for one Scoop

Available from 13th May 2017 – End of August 2017

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