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Happy Pride Month, everyone!


June is Pride Month—a worldwide celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. It began with the NYC Stonewall riots in 1969 and has grown into a vibrant celebration of progress. This month is all about equality, acceptance, education of LGBTQ+ history, and honouring the accomplishments of people within our community. While it is a time when we celebrate, it is also a time to raise awareness about specific issues we face and to carry the torch of our brothers and sisters who came before us to continue the fight for equal rights, social justice, and respect for all.


While Pride celebrations around the world take on many forms from marches to corporate parades, concerts, and shows, Pride can also be a simple gathering of a small LGBTQ+ community in a rural town in Devon. This is where we find ourselves at Dartmouth Pride.


Launched in 2021, Dartmouth Pride has created a welcoming space for our local LGBTQ+ community to connect. Dartmouth is a place of kindness and diversity, filled with remarkable individuals from all walks of life. We aim to foster an even stronger sense of community, sharing the spirit of unity with future generations through our humble events.


At Dartmouth Pride, we are a Pride for all. We’re here to support new same-sex couples in town, celebrate the opening of LGBTQ+ businesses, accompany our friends in the community on their journey to self-discovery as they transition into their true selves, and offer a helping hand to parents supporting their LGBTQ+ children who have recently come out. We are a Pride for all, committed to serving the diverse needs of our Dartmouth community.


Whether you identify as part of our LGBTQIA+ community or stand as an ally supporting us, we eagerly look forward to seeing and welcoming you at one of our upcoming events.


If you would like to attend our next event, mark your calendars for Sunday 2 July and join us for Dartmouth Pride 2023! 


The festivities kick off with our new “PRIDE WALK” starting at noon in Coronation Park. Bring your partners, families, friends, and even your dogs as we walk from Coronation Park to Dartmouth Castle. We will then walk back to Jenny Koo’s Kitchen in the Old Market Square for snacks, drinks, and socialising. Come just as you are or add a splash of colour to amplify the joy! The round-trip walk/hike is approximately 2.7 miles, so be sure to wear comfy shoes. We look forward to celebrating Dartmouth Pride together! 


We wish everyone a happy and safe Pride month!

Stay up to date with Dartmouth Pride by checking out our Facebook event here, or following us on Instagram:

Jonathan Walker Gilland – @jwgilland

Dartmouth Pride – @dartmouthprideuk

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