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Car Free Travel in Dartmouth

Clean Air Day is celebrated on the 16th June this year, it’s the UK’s largest air pollution campaign bringing together communities, business, schools, and the health sector to raise awareness of the increasing issues caused by air pollution. Everybody should be playing their part in combating the issues, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming knowing that to do. One great way to help is to reduce your car use. If you’re visiting Dartmouth for a holiday or even just a short day trip, there’s plenty of ways to get to and around Dartmouth without using your car. 

Why leave the car at home?  

Dartmouth is surprisingly easy to access by public transport. So, whether you’re travelling to the region by train, plane or are catching the bus from your holiday accommodation for a day out there are many reasons why public transport is great.  

Here are our top reasons to leave the car at home  

  • Sit back and admire the scenery; Travelling by bus, ferry or train lets you sit back and enjoy the wonderful South Devon and Dartmouth coast and countryside. There’s no need to concentrate on the road ahead or stare at the car in front, public transport lets you sit back whilst someone else takes you to your destination without the hassle of having to find a car park when you arrive.  
  • Avoid the country lanes; by leaving the car at home and hopping on a bus or the train, there’s no need to worry about driving in Devon’s narrow country lanes or desperately trying to follow the sometimes confusing sat nav.  
  • Eco-friendly; other than walking and cycling, rail travel is considered the most environmentally friendly way to travel, by choosing to travel by rail over car you’ll be enjoying a greener trip and cutting your holiday emissions.  
  • Enjoy time with loved ones; whether you’re travelling in a large group of friends or family which would be split across several cars, or embarking on a couple’s getaway where one would have to drive, a car-less trip lets you start your holiday slightly earlier and appreciate quality time with your loved ones.   
  • Save time; travelling by train can occasionally be a quicker mode of transport than driving, allowing you to get to your destination and start your holiday sooner.  

 How to get here: 


The nearest train station to Dartmouth is Totnes. With regular services coming into Totnes from London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow, train travel makes visiting Dartmouth easily accessible to all. From here you can get a bus to Dartmouth or even catch the boat down the River Dart. Travelling this way means you’ll be journeying through some of the most picturesque English landscapes, passing by rolling hills and stunning estuaries. You could even embark on our notorious steam train from Paignton and Kingswear for a more iconic journey. 


Whilst travelling by air isn’t the most environmentally friendly way to visit from the UK, if you live abroad, then it’s likely the best option! The nearest airport is located on the outskirts of  Exeter and has great transport connections with the rest of the region. From the airport you can catch the train to Totnes. 

Bus and Coach  

There are a number of bus routes operating in and around Dartmouth, connecting the town to a number of surrounding towns as well as Exeter and Plymouth. The principal bus operator in Devon is Stagecoach South West, more details on Stagecoach can be found here. If you’re looking to travel from further afield, catching the coach might be the way to go! Coach holidays to Dartmouth can be organised with the drop off point being on the South Embankment. The National Express services stop at Totnes and Paignton which have easy access to Dartmouth. You may also want to have a look at booking a group travel coach holiday, more information about group travel can be found here 

Ferry and Boat Trips  

If you’re looking to visit Dartmouth from overseas, ferries from France and Spain dock at Plymouth, from which you can get a train and bus to Dartmouth. Other coastal towns often host cruise ships during the summer months, where passengers can enjoy excursions to several of the area’s towns and villages.   

For commuting and excursions once you’ve arrive in Dartmouth, there are 2 passenger and car ferries in Dartmouth that shuttle back and forth between Dartmouth and Kingswear. The Higher Ferry and Lower Ferry which run 7 days a week. There are also 2 other ferries providing access to the Dartmouth Castle (runs Easter – October) and Dittisham to Greenway. Boat trips can also be enjoyed up to the town of Totnes along the beautiful River Dart. 

Coming to Dartmouth is made easy with all these travel options and leaving the car behind is a wonderful way to travel more sustainably and reduce the stress.  

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