Best Cocktail Bars in Dartmouth

Best Cocktail Bars in Dartmouth

Dartmouth, with its enchanting estuary views and quaint streets, is a hidden gem for those who appreciate good cocktails in atmospheric settings. Whether you’re winding down after a day of exploring or gearing up for a night on the town, Dartmouth offers a range of bars and bistros that stand out for their inventive mixes and delightful ambiance. Here’s a guide to the best places in Dartmouth to enjoy a perfectly shaken or stirred concoction. 

 The Angel – Taste of Devon

Perched gracefully on the South Embankment, The Angel – Taste of Devon offers not only a mesmerizing view of the Dart but also a cocktail menu that can elevate any evening. Known for its award-winning cuisine, The Angel extends its excellence to its bar service. The cocktails here are crafted with precision, featuring a blend of classic techniques and innovative twists. Opt for a seat by the window for an unparalleled sipping experience as you watch the boats glide by.

Bar & Bistro at The Dartmouth Hotel

A little retreat located just outside the hustle and bustle of central Dartmouth, the Bar & Bistro at The Dartmouth Hotel is the perfect spot for a relaxing cocktail. The setting is serene, surrounded by the lush greens of the hotel’s golf course. Their cocktail menu is a curated list of classics with some delightful surprises.  


With its lively atmosphere and central location, Kendricks is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This American-style diner doesn’t just serve up hearty meals; their bartenders mix some of the best cocktails in town. The ambiance is casual and friendly, making it a great spot to unwind. The Espresso Martini here is a must-try, perfectly blended to give you a zesty kick with your caffeine.

Bar 1620

Nestled in the heart of Dartmouth, Bar 1620 offers a sophisticated setting with a historical twist, located in one of the oldest buildings in town. The bar menu features a range of artisan cocktails, each presented with flair. The mixologists here use local ingredients to create unique flavors that reflect the area’s heritage. Don’t miss their signature cocktail, the “1620 Sour,” which incorporates locally sourced spirits and fruits.

Joe’s Bar at The Seahorse

For those who enjoy a cozy and intimate setting, Joe’s Bar at The Seahorse is the go-to locale. This bar might be small in size, but it’s big on character, with a friendly staff that make you feel right at home. Their cocktail list is eclectic, offering everything from classic martinis to more adventurous concoctions. If you’re in the mood for something different, ask for the bartender’s choice and enjoy the surprise!

The Sail Loft

Last but certainly not least, The Sail Loft offers a modern, nautical-themed ambiance that pairs beautifully with their creative cocktail menu. Located close to the Dartmouth waterfront, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a sunset cocktail. The bartenders here pride themselves on their innovative use of local ingredients.  


Dartmouth may be known for its historic charm and stunning natural beauty, but it’s also a fantastic destination for cocktail enthusiasts. Each of these venues offers something unique, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated evening out or a relaxed night with friends. So next time you’re in Devon, make sure to explore these cocktail havens – each sip promises to be as memorable as the scenic views. 

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