Autumn walks in Dartmouth

Autumn Walks in Dartmouth 

Of course, Dartmouth is beautiful in all seasons, but in Autumn as the leaves turn red and being to fall to the ground, the town is absolutely mesmerising. Whilst the weather isn’t so hot, it’s still a great time of year to take some walks. Take a read below of our best autumnal walks to take around Dartmouth. 


Dartmouth Town Trail 

An easy walk around Dartmouth is our Town Trail. It’s a circular trail which takes you past some of the town’s top history spots and allows you to bask in the atmosphere of the heritage of Dartmouth. From pilgrims to pirates, you’ll discover the historical figures that helped to shape Dartmouth into the town it is today.  


Dartmouth Castle Walk 

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the River Dart from Coronation Park to Dartmouth Castle, one of the fortifications built to protect Dartmouth harbour. Embarking on this walk will also take you past Bayards Cove Fort, another historic landmark of the town also built to defend the harbour and still contains the large, heavy guns that would have been used in case of invasion. Climb to the top of the tower to enjoy breathtaking views over the River Dart or enjoy exploring the many passages in the castle below.  


Dartmouth to Greenway 

If you’re looking for a slightly longer walk you could try the Dartmouth to Greenway walk along the Dart Valley Trail through the National Trust Woodland to Greenway House and Gardens, owned by the late Agatha Christie as a holiday home. To start this walk you’ll need to first make your way over to Kingswear via the ferry and then start the trail to Greenway. This walk is particularly lovely in the autumn when the leaves are on the turn and the woods are full of birds and other animals gathering nuts. Once you reach Greenway you can enjoy the house filled with plenty of original collections of silver, ceramics and books. 


Little Dartmouth 

Little Dartmouth is one of the most popular walks in Dartmouth for locals and visitors alike. It’s a stunning 4-mile circular walk with breathtaking views across the sea towards Dartmouth, Start Point Lighthouse and the stunning Start Bay coastline. The route involves a variety of terrain including footpaths, woodland trails and unmetalled farm tracks so it’s moderately challenging but absolutely worth the effort.  


Dart Estuary Walk 

If you’re after a challenging walk with a bit of everything, this might be the trail for you. The path follows the Dart Estuary through the town centre, past Bayards Cove Fort and the Castle all the way to the two small coves; Castle Cove and Sugary Cove. These secluded beaches are a must-see part of the town, even in the Autumn.  


The Daymark & Froward Point, Kingswear 

Build in 1864, The Daymark is a grade II listed tower, which reaches 80 ft high and is visible from Dartmouth, it can be seen for many miles if you’re out at sea too. This stunning tower is situated in a picturesque field overlooking the sea and can be access by foot along the South West Coast Path from Froward Point. It can also be reached by car by parking at Brownstone Car Park and then enjoying just a short walk through the farmlands towards the sea.   


Of course, this is just a handful of great walks in Dartmouth, you can find more here. If you’re looking for other things to do in the Autumn, you can take a read of our Autumn in Dartmouth blog post here. We love seeing you out and about in Dartmouth, so if you take any photos during your walks share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 

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