6 Must-Visit Locations for Photographers in Dartmouth and Beyond

6 Must-Visit Locations for Photographers in Dartmouth and Beyond

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Guest Blog Post * – Jessica Perkins

Dartmouth and its surrounding sceneries have been a must-go location for photographers. Their art feasts on the location’s abundant mix of natural beauty and history. It’s along the River Dart with old buildings and a maritime feel that can get you endless inspiration!

Also, nearby places like Blackpool Sands and Slapton Ley are meant for photographs of various themes. They offer different landscapes for photos, like beaches and amazingly peaceful wetlands. 

Photographers will really have their high over here, whether they’re into coasts, history, or nature. It’s like a perfect blend!

Must-Visit Photo Locations In and Around Dartmouth

1. The Dartmouth Waterfront

The heart of Dartmouth beats along the winding River Dart. It’s a heart-warming destination where families taking leisurely walks with boats gently swaying along shallow waters are remarkable photo scenes. 

The seagulls calling in the background are soothing music as you concentrate on taking shot after shot. Some say it’s a living canvas where tales, both old and new, are enjoyed with each passing moment.

There’s not much need to hurry near the waterfront. There’s always a fantastic backdrop that invites your camera to catch each golden opportunity. Every step you take along its boundless-like riverside promises a new picture-perfect story. It’s a new chapter each time, ready to be preserved through your lens.

2. The Dartmouth Castle

Majestic and poised, Dartmouth Castle stands proud over the estuary, a remembrance of history’s embrace. Its old stones whisper stories of knights in armor and epic sea battles of long ago. 

Here, it seems time is unfurling its pages, inviting you to step back and witness and preserve the echoes of yesteryears. Your camera can’t seem to get enough of the castle’s stony walls that held witness to rich maritime legends. 

With the advancement of technology, including AI-powered image quality improvement, one can imagine these ancient scenes in real life. They can once again appear in the vivid clarity of today’s world.

3. The Ferry Ride

Taking photoshoot sessions on a boat is a journey to behold! Sense the gentle sway beneath your feet and breathe in the refreshing breeze. 

The frames of both towns seamlessly blend, crafting a serene view. It’s a connection where time pauses, allowing you to absorb the harmonious coming together of land, water, and sky. Your adventures can capture the awesome coastal beauty, a story told through nature’s brush strokes.

4. Blackpool Sands

At Blackpool Sands, golden sands stretch to meet the embrace of turquoise waves. Laughter dances in the air, mingling with the joyous creation of sandcastles. As the day turns golden, the horizon is painted with masterstrokes where you can take breathtaking captures. 

Families that love nature’s warm caress and find solace in the rhythm of the tides let you capture real-life events. It’s a visual symphony where leisure harmonizes with beauty. Your every moment is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of coastal serenity, inviting all to partake in its tranquil embrace.

5. Slapton Ley

Slapton Ley is like a hidden gem that cradles nature’s sanctuary in its embrace. Its waters, serene as a slumbering lake, mirror the sky’s expanse. Reeds sway gently, choreographed by the whispers of the wind.

It’s a tranquil haven where wildlife finds solace and photographers find their muse. Here, the lens captures the delicate dance of life, framed by the sanctuary’s serene backdrop, telling stories of nature’s quiet resilience and vibrant beauty.

6. Totnes Streets

Totnes streets are like a time-worn tapestry, cobbled lanes winding through history. Facades burst with vibrant colors, each building a testament to individuality. Quirky shops line the lanes, inviting exploration. Life bustles, a lively orchestra of footsteps and chatter. A new chapter unfurls with every turn, a fresh tale waiting to be discovered. 

Each door holds the promise of adventure, a threshold to unique experiences. Totnes streets are a canvas where past and present intertwine, inviting all who stroll to become part of its living story.

Bottom Line

Dartmouth photography shots can reveal the most exciting historical backdrop that the city boasts for the longest time. Its surrounding areas are also sceneries just waiting to take center stage in your frames.


So why not take the call to create masterpieces? Take your photographic gift and skill to the wonderland that is Dartmouth.



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