HQ Escape Rooms

Key Information

6 Foss Slip, Dartmouth, UK
11am to 9pm (Booking Required) – 7 days a week



What is an Escape Room?

If your new to the idea of escaping, it’s an indoor interactive hour of fun immersed in a themed room. You will be given a brief on arrival, then your objective is to solve various puzzles as you race against the clock to ESCAPE. It’s a cross between playing detective, The Crystal Maze and geo caching! We offer a unique experience suitable all ages from 9 – 99.

Reason 1: Quality time together

Put down your phones, it’s time to come together. Our rooms are a fun activity for family, friends, co workers , celebrations, team building and corporate events. If you manage to beat the room, you will leave on a high, even if you don’t, you will have a great fun trying to find the keys, cracking the codes, and following the clues and leaving with some amazing lasting memories

Reason 2: Everybody shines !

Each member of your team brings a talent to the game you can be quite awesome when you work together ! Split up and search the room, and you’ll find one person is better at finding things, you’ll have a maths whizz, a riddle solver, another who thinks outside the box, the practical guy and a tenacious code breaker.

Reason 3: Get the kids talking again, instead of being glued to their phones. Get Dad to ignore work emails for an hour!

You absolutely need to communicate, calling out what you see and find along your way is essential. Saying things out loud makes more connections with your team. That way everyone knows what’s going on, and something seen in one corner of a room, could make sense to someone else, and they can add their ideas to solve the clues!

Reason 4: Immensely satisfying

You may rock up and nail it or you may not, you’ll still feel an uplifting sense of satisfaction either way. Plus you’ve probably solved many of the puzzles and had great fun along the way. But just ran out of time.

Bookings are appointment only via our website, & four-legged family members are welcome too. Our customers rate us as Excellent on Trip Advisor, we hold the’ Good to Go’ stamp of approval and run a covid safe environment.
Get locked in after Lockdown and have some fun!


  • £15 Per Adult £12.50 Per Child


  • Toilet
  • Reception
  • 2 x Escape rooms


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