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5 Great Date Ideas in Dartmouth

There’s so much to see and do in Dartmouth making it a wonderful place to enjoy a date with that special someone. From river cruises to exciting shows and plenty of fantastic pubs and restaurants to try out – you’re sure to never to run out of things to do. Here are 5 of our favourite dates for you to enjoy whether you’re in Dartmouth for a while or just a day trip!

Enjoy a show at the Flavel

Throughout the year the Flavel offers a wide variety of shows, screenings and performances for couples to enjoy. Maybe a live screening from the Royal Opera House is your idea of a perfect evening with your loved one or perhaps a comedy gig is more up your street? Either way, you’ll never be short of something to entertain and what better way to say ‘I Love You’ than treating your partner to a night out at the movies or theatre?

Catch a ferry to the Castle

Looking for a daytime adventure with your other half? Why not climb aboard a ferry at the South Embankment and cruise the river down to its mouth where you can jump off at Dartmouth Castle and enjoy an important historical settlement. Hop on the ferry back or the two of you could stroll leisurely back into the town – the choice is yours!

Devour fish and chips on the Embankment

A firm favourite amongst all of us that spend a lot of time in Dartmouth, but one not to be forgotten! Make your way to the local chippy to grab a bite to eat and head down to the Embankment where you can admire the stunning scenery; a simple yet equally romantic dinner that you can both enjoy whilst absorbing the peaceful surroundings.

Get your sweetheart a gift at Old Market Square

Take your beloved to have a mosey around Old Market Square, not only is there a gorgeous range of shops to be explored but on the 4th Saturday of every month Dartmouth Artisan Market takes place there. Peruse the unique and beautifully crafted pieces for sale and don’t forget to treat that someone you love!

Sail away on the Picnic Boat

If you’re looking to impress your significant other in Dartmouth then a romantic trip onboard the Picnic Boat might just be the ideal date for you; a luxurious river cruise complete with a varied selection of menus for you to indulge in whilst you meander along the river, this one is sure to be a divine experience that the two of you will not forget.

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